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10 Reasons to Buy a Holiday Lodge

By 9, March 2018News
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10 Reasons to Buy a Holiday Lodge

Holiday lodges are becoming an increasingly popular holiday option in the UK. Avoiding the stress of airports and having a stunning location practically on your doorstep is attracting more and more people to leave their passports at home and explore the stunning British countryside.  With the growing demand for luxury lodge breaks, it seems like the perfect time to buy, as a personal getaway or a buy-to-let investment

Financial Benefits – A luxury holiday lodge can be rented out throughout the year with rental fees being from around £700 for a week, dependent on the time of year and location.  Summer and school holidays are a sure fire way to make extra money, with the winter lending itself well to cosy retreats for couples wanting to relax.

A Weekend Getaway – Long weekends away are becoming more and more popular, with people opting to go on several shorter holidays than the usual 2 weeks in the sun.  With that comes the opportunity to provide a new and refreshing option to a hotel.  The extra room and comfort a lodge provides makes a great hideaway for those wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Holidaying in the UK – After the low-cost airline boom, people are finally returning to holidaying in the UK.  The novelty of travelling abroad, stuck in tiny seats and dealing with the stress of airports has become a lot less attractive. On the flip side, driving up to a lodge set in glorious British countryside certainly has its benefits. No airport dramas, no passport, no luggage limits; you can pack as you please and arrive when it suits! The perfect start to what a truly relaxing break should be!

Explore New Areas – The UK is a stunning part of the world and has a variety of different locations to explore.  From the beaches of the Cornwall to the lakes and hills of the Peak District.  Each area couldn’t be more different from the next, and with the rich history and amazing nature and wildlife Britain has to offer, there’s an endless number of adventures on offer.

A Home from Home – Having your own holiday lodge means that you can get away from it all, any time you want! A permanent holiday spot that’s always ready for a short weekend here or a week there. No more time spent looking for deals online, you can fully focus on the job at hand – relaxing! The added benefit of having your own holiday home means that packing is a thing of the past.  You can leave your essentials in your holiday lodge and never worry about forgetting your phone charger or toothbrush again!

Locations – When purchasing a holiday lodge, you have a huge array of stunning parks to choose from around the UK.  Some are rural and set in the countryside for maximum relaxation, whilst others are on the doorstep of a lovely town or village, where you can pop in for dinner and drinks at the local pub.  There really is an endless amount of options, with one to suit every need and requirement. Holiday parks also provide amazing facilities with swimming pools, restaurants and clubhouses all on site.

Hassle Free – All Tingdene Holiday Lodges come fully furnished and are built to a high spec with interior design completed by our expert team.  This means that you can have a lodge sited at a park and ready to use in a matter of days.  The whole process is stress-free and easy, allowing you to focus on the end goal of enjoying your brand new holiday home.

Family Fun – With the increasing costs of living and travel, families are looking more to lower cost options for holidays.  With most lodges offering 2 bedrooms and accommodation for up to 4, they are the perfect option for young families.  Holiday parks are well equipped to entertain kids, with pools, playgrounds and clubs, allowing children to play and have fun in a safe environment.

Luxury Breaks – Lodge breaks are also a great option for couples.  The cosy settings provide a romantic environment for those that are keen to relax, spend time together and get away from it all.  The option of self-catering means that couples can lock themselves away in luxury lodges and enjoy time away from work and stress.  With the addition of hot tubs, rental prices can be in the excess of £600 for long weekends.

No Stamp Duty – The bonus of buying a lodge is no stamp duty! As lodges do not adhere to the same rules as traditional property, they are exempt from stamp duty.

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