6-step plan for purchasing a park home

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Moving to a residential park home has become a very popular option for people looking to downsize or experience a better quality of life/community. Residential park homes offer the opportunity to do this.

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Step 1 – Research

The most important step to purchasing a park home is to do lots of research and to figure out if this is the best thing for you to do. There’s many reasons as to why moving from a traditional brick and mortar house to a park home is better for you. Whether that be the opportunity to save money in the long run or to be a part of a wonderful residential community who are like-minded and similar in age…the pros are endless!

Moving to a park home is perfect for anyone looking to downsize. The layout is similar to a bungalow as the homes are on one floor and they include all the same rooms you’ll find in a traditional home. It’s also important to remember that you cannot get a mortgage on a park home, it has to be a full payment upon purchase. However, the cost of a traditional home will generally be more than a park home in the same area with the same square footage. This means any equity you hold within your property can be released through the sale to help fund your retirement or whatever you may wish to do with your additional funds. To find out more about park homes vs traditional homes, please read our blog. (Park Homes VS Traditional Homes | Tingdene)

Step 2 – Talk to an Expert

Now you’ve done your research, you have most likely realised that moving to a park home is a great idea but you may still have some questions! The next thing we suggest you do is to get those burning questions answered by an expert. Here at Tingdene, we have a wonderful and friendly sales team who are more than happy to get chatting with you and tackle any of those queries. There’s many different ways in which you can communicate with us such as emailing us, using our contact form, calling us on 01933 230 130 and our live chat option (click on the orange button at bottom of the screen). We’re happy to help!

Alternatively, there are plenty of blogs on our website which may help you such as ‘Can You Live in a Park Home All Year?’, 'A Guide to Park Home Insurance' or our ‘Park Homes FAQ’ blog.

Step 3 – Where do you want to go?

This is where the fun really begins! Now it’s time to start thinking about where you see yourself living for the foreseeable future, and truly…the world is your oyster. It may be overwhelming to consider all of the options, and you could be thinking ‘where do I start?’. Luckily, we’ve got a huge database of parks (always growing) in our park finder service which you can even filter by location. This is a great place to explore your possibilities, with key features and detailed descriptions of the park/area all in one place – check it out here. We also showcase beautiful parks in our blogs such as 'New Leisure and Residential Parks' and 'Available Homes in Residential and Holiday Parks', have a read through and let your imagination run wild with where you could be living.

Step 4 – What home do you want?

Equally as exciting, you may want to consider what kind of home you want to reside in. There’s so many wonderful options for you to browse through. How about our traditional styled Barnwell or a modern, Nordic-style home such as our Harrington? We recommend you download our brochure so you can see our beautiful, luxury collection of models all in one place. You may also want to check out some of our up close and personal videos of the homes on our YouTube and TikTok. Don’t be shy and have a pry!

Step 5 – Showroom appointments

By this step, we hope you’ve reached out to one of our lovely sales advisors by now and you’ll be able to arrange a showroom appointment – which you can also book here. This is a great opportunity to come visit us in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and check out some of our models in person! Plus, we are the only manufacturer with our own indoor showroom, so no matter the weather – you can come and enjoy the tour. There’s no better way to image what it’s like to live in a park home than to have a walk around the home and experience it for yourself. You can also book a virtual appointment so you can view our showroom without leaving your front door – whichever suits you!

Step 6 – Design consultations

Once you’ve chosen your future home, next you need to have fun with the design and customisation possibilities! Here at Tingdene, we offer one-to-one customer consultations and even sample testing in our design suite, you’ll be at the heart of every decision and it’s usually the customer’s favourite part of the process (apart from moving into your new home, of course).

After all of these steps, you simply wait for your unique and stunning home to be manufactured and sited at your chosen park. You can even observe the best of British craftsmanship as your park home is meticulously constructed in our state-of-the-art production facility.

We are here with you every step of the way – feel free to contact us with any questions and check out our page dedicated to planning your move (submit the form to receive relevant emails about parks, our homes and anything else that will help you with your decisions.)

We wish you the best of luck on your journey to purchasing a park home!

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