The Villa reigned supreme during the early 70's, before the introduction of advanced production techniques for twin units saw the launch of our Alpine lodge. Shortly afterwards, we launched Tingdene Transport to move high-pitch models with a unique low-loader system.

Tingdene 1970s


The economic downturn took hold, but Tingdene bucked the trend and launched our exhibition centre - the first and only indoor showroom of its kind. Another first followed with the introduction of metal roof tiles, before the introduction of log-clad and L-shaped lodges.

Tingdene 1980s


Evolving with the trends of the early nineties, we launched the cottage-themed Deene lodge. Tingdene Estates was founded in this period, whilst more innovations followed with the introduction of new super-resistant and low-maintenance building materials, not to mention an industry-first roof terrace.

Tingdene 1990s


The Mulso lodge made park home living more financially accessible than ever before, whilst we diversified the business by moving into marinas. We pushed the boundaries of modular production again, stretching our skillset to include hotel builds and award-winning sustainable homes.

Tingdene 2000s


A £3.5m expansion of our production facility is one of many pivotal changes in the past ten years. This period also saw the introduction of the industry's first ten-year render warranty, along with the launch of our LABC compliant Loft and a futurefacing restructure of Tingdene's leadership team.

Tingdene 2010s

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