Ian Wilkins
Ian's Tingdene Difference

Two words – our team. Everyone shares the same hunger and commitment… we’re quite self-critical and creatively restless, which means we’re always looking for ways to improve. Not just for the business, but most importantly for our customers.

Ian’s career with Tingdene started 40 years ago when he joined our sales team. Within seven years he’d been made a shareholding director at the tender age of 21, and today he leads the business as our Managing Director. Ian’s experience and influence across our operations, sales and manufacturing divisions mean that no one knows the company better, whilst his endless hunger for improvement and innovation has infiltrated the culture of our business. Although his achievements are many and varied, his role in devising and overseeing the upgrade of Tingdene’s state-of-the-art production infrastructure is perhaps the most significant and lasting.

Experience the Tingdene difference

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