10 Myths about Park Home Living

Posted by admin on 28 November 2019 11:21:48

There are many misconceptions about park homes and we’re here to set the record straight.

Addington Park Home

Park Homes are Poorly Made 🔨

Our park homes are designed and crafted here in our state-of-the-art production facility in Northamptonshire. All of our homes are built to British building standards BS3632 and are quality checked before being sent to site. Every Tingdene park home is rendered in our unique Mapei maintenance-free render and comes with Platinum Seal 10-year structural warranty.

After Purchasing a Park Home the Value Falls Dramatically ⬇️

The value of the home is dependent on the size, location and condition. For example, if the value of land your home is on increases, then your home will hold its value and potentially even increase with the land. With the park home market and demand becoming increasingly popular, second hand homes are holding their value for longer also.

Park Living is Expensive 💸

Living in a park home can actually be much cheaper than traditional living. Buying a park home is typically much cheaper than buying a bricks and mortar house and can help you to release equity. Plus, park homes are designed to be low maintenance and energy efficient saving you money on your bills. The majority of park homes also fall into the lowest band of council tax, saving you money even further.

Hidden Costs 🙈

Many people assume that because park homes are cheaper than a bricks and mortar house that somewhere down the line there are extra hidden costs. There’s an assumption that because you’re getting more for your money means there must be a catch, but the only additional costs you’ll pay for are your site fees.

Park Homes are Cheap Living Options 🛁

Although park homes are traditionally cheaper than a bricks and mortar house that doesn’t mean you’re substituting for a cheap living standard. Park homes are quality built and offer luxury and peaceful living. Park homes can be specified with all the creature comforts you require at design stage, giving you the same standard of living as a bricks and mortar house.

Buying a Park Home is a Hassle 👍

Ever been told that buying a park home is long and complicated? Although purchasing a park home is different to buying a bricks and mortar house the process can be really simple. All you need to do is speak to a member of our friendly sales team and they can help guide you through the step-by-step process - it’s as easy as that!

Park Living is Dull 🎵

Living at a residential park is anything but boring! Residential Parks have excellent on-site facilities and great community atmospheres to help you get involved. At many sites you can enjoy socialising with other residents at events including quizzes, live music and much more.

You Can’t Live in a Park Home All-Year Round ❄️

Some parks will only hold a holiday licence which means you are only able to live in the park for a certain amount of the year. We do not recommend siting a park home on a holiday park for this reason. However, there are many parks that hold full residential licences so you can live there for the whole year. If a park holds a residential licence then you can make it your permanent residential address and afford all the same privileges as you would with a bricks and mortar home.

Cramped and Unpleasant Living 🌲🌼

Although you might be downsizing property that doesn’t mean a park home is small and cramped. They are designed with extra built in space and can be fully-furnished and bespoke designed – some even have loft space! Park homes can also feature a flexible design layout to suit you. Park home plots vary in size and can be over 50ft by 22ft!

Residential Parks aren’t Secure 🔒

This is quite the opposite; park homes are situated on private land and many are in part of a gated community. Some parks even offer CCTV as an additional security feature. They tend to be more secure than traditional living and can offer a more peaceful living area with very few people coming onto the park other than those who live there.

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