What are the Benefits of Modular Construction?

Posted by admin on 28 November 2019 12:00:00

The construction of modular buildings are becoming increasingly popular. So you’re probably asking yourself, why should I make the move from bricks and mortar to modular construction? What are the benefits and what can it bring to me or my company?

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What is modular construction and what are its uses? 🔍

Modular construction is built off-site in a controlled environment. It’s built in sections, known as ‘modules’, using steel and wood. The sections are then transported from the manufacturing facility to the site. 90% of the building is done before it arrives on site to be assembled and installed which will help to reduce noise and disruption. Modular construction has a wide range of purposes, such as hotel or student accommodation, residential, retail, commercial, educational and healthcare purposes. In other words, modular buildings can be tailored for almost any industry and any use.

Timescales ⏰

One of the main benefits of modular buildings is its construction timescale. It takes around 30-50% less time to construct and install a modular building than it does a bricks and mortar property. You are also less likely to see any delays in construction caused by bad weather due to the indoor manufacturing method. This shorter time-frame will help you see a faster ROI.

Design and Flexibility 🎨

Modular buildings can feature bespoke designs and flexible design layouts to suit you. Due to the flexible nature of modular buildings they can be built and installed to complement existing properties. It’s also possible to extend, re-site and re-purpose modular construction. You can create your ideal property by extending ‘modules’ side-to-side or stacking upwards. The possibilities are limitless with modular construction.

Lifespan ⏳

The lifespan of a modular home is generally very similar to a bricks and mortar property. A brand new modular building can typically last for 80 or more years. Modular construction features quality design and craftsmanship built to British building standards. Provided the building is well-maintained and cared for they can last much longer.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability 🌳

Due to the construction of modular building it’s generally far more sustainable than traditional builds for numerous reasons. By manufacturing the building off site it reduces the amount of energy usage by over half compared to a traditional build. Off-site construction also leads to less materials wasted. The shorter construction time-frame means that the environmental impact is significantly lower. Less transportation is used which results in fewer mileage and emissions. Modular buildings can also be re-sited and re-purposed to suit your growing needs and requirements, resulting in less waste.

Cost 💰

So you’ve heard all the positives about modular construction, but is it cost-effective? Modular construction is typically much cheaper than building a bricks and mortar property. The shorter construction timescale reduces initial costs, such as labour, fuel and transportation. In turn, the shorter construction timescale reduces waste and lowers material costs. The quality build of modular construction also means they have lower running costs and are low maintenance. They are energy efficient which will help to save you plenty of money in the future.

So not only are you having a lower environmental impact than a traditional build, you’re also saving time and money; it’s a win-win! Modular construction is a thing of the future; it’s definitely worthwhile discovering the possibilities that modular construction can hold for you or your company. If you’re unsure about what it has in store for you, then visit our portfolio to unlock your design potential today.

*Stats sourced from "Can Offsite, Volumetric Construction Solve the Housing Crisis?" By Ackroyd Lowrie (2018)

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