Customer Experiences

Carol & Pete from Gloucestershire
Carol and Pete were shown a park home brochure by friends and were immediately interested in finding out more about the lifestyle and options open to them.

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Tingdene Happy Customers CarolandPete

Carol & Steve from Gloucestershire
Carol and Steve had a lovely family home that they had lived in for 26 years. The spacious semi-detached house built in the 1930’s had 4 double size bedrooms and had been their family home for a long time.


Tingdene Happy Customers Carol and Steve (1)

Gerald & Mary from Shropshire
Moving onto Hollins Park in Shropshire was something that Gerald and Mary knew was the right decision.

Tingdene Happy Customers Gerald and Mary 3

Paul & Pauline from Shropshire
Pauline just loves looking at the view from their new home on Hollins Park. Having lived locally for 34 years it shouldn’t really feel new, however she just loves the aspect and the environment of her new park home.

Tingdene Happy Customers Paul and Pauline

Brian from Gloucestershire
Orchard Park had a Tingdene Regency Classic, Show Home, until Brian saw it that is. As soon Brian viewed the home, he knew it was for him and wasted no time in securing it…. and moving in.

Tingdene Happy Customers Brian

David & Anne from Gloucestershire
David and Anne are currently living in temporary accommodation on Orchard Park, while waiting for the new Tingdene Hayden Classic to arrive in February.

Tingdene Happy Customers David and Anne

Jeff & Sue from Flintshire

With Jeff’s keen interest in Golf, a holiday lodge on Pennant Park seemed ideal. Pennant Park is positioned within Pennant Park Golf Club, so just a stroll down the lane to the Golf Club and he is ready to take part in his favourite hobby.

Tingdene Happy Customers Jeff and Sue (1)

Barry & Diane from Devon
Barry and Diane have never looked back, they love their new park home and their chosen park in Devon, Shirmart Park.

Tingdene Happy Customers Barry and Diane

Barry & Shirley from Devon
Barry and Shirley have been married for 35 years, with 2 grown up children and 4 grandchildren, and have lived in Devon for the majority of this time, having moved from the Midlands.

Tingdene Happy Customers Barry and Shirley (1)

Hazel from Shropshire
As soon as Hazel arrived at Hollins Park she instantly felt it was the place she wanted to be.

Tingdene Happy Customers Hazel

Dennis & Theresa from Shropshire
Dennis and Theresa enjoyed living in Spain, however as time went by they had become increasing tempted to move back to England. On several visits to England to see family and friends they had looked at the possibility however hadn’t come across anything that had tempted them enough until they made a visit in 2013, 9 years after having moved to Spain.

Tingdene Happy Customers David and Theresa

Jenny & Iain from Berkshire
Jenny and Iain had been living in their Tingdene Hayden Classic for a full year at the time of visiting them, so plenty of time for them to have settle in and sampled the park home lifestyle to the full.

Tingdene Happy Customers Jenny and Iain (2)

Ann & Tim from Norfolk
Delivering Ann and Tim’s home caused a stir with the residents in the village. Everyone somehow was involved and came out to see it arrive, taking photos and wanting to come and see the home once it was in position.

Tingdene Happy Customers Ann and Tim (1)

Jenny from Warwickshire
Jenny wanted to shed the responsibility of owning bricks and mortar and to move into an environment where there was a strong community spirit which is why she chose to purchase a Tingdene Mackworth Lodge park home, and move onto Hill Top Park in Warwickshire.

Tingdene Happy Customers Jenny

Julie from Leicestershire
Having lived in the Leicestershire area, near Syston, for many years Julie was reluctant to move away from the area when she was looking for a new home after her divorce, which in turn influenced her to move into a park home on Orchard Park, Syston.

Tingdene Happy Customers Julie (1)

Norman & Betty from Wiltshire
15 years ago Betty and Norman moved into their first park home and so loved the lifestyle that last year they decided to have a change and moved onto Blunsdon Abbey Park and into a Tingdene Barnwell.

Tingdene Happy Customers Norman and Betty (1)

Michael & Sally from Worcestershire
The house plaque proudly names their new home “Enchanted Cottage“, Michael and Sally love their new Deene Cottage and couldn’t wait until they could move in. As it happens they moved in just in time for Christmas, which was perfect, and allowed them to have their family for Christmas Dinner.

Tingdene Happy Customers Michael and Sally (1)

Dave & Jenny from Wiltshire
Dave and Jenny run their own oven cleaning business in Reading and lead busy lives, however reached a point when they felt that life was running away a bit fast and wanted to slow down the pace and enjoy life while they could.

Tingdene Happy Customers Dave and Jenny (1)

Yvonne & Dave from Worcestershire
Yvonne and Dave had some life changing decisions to make when Yvonne became ill during the Summer of 2014. Having been diagnosed with Liver problems they decided that it would be better for their future life if they moved into a smaller property so that they firstly didn’t have a mortgage to worry about and secondly a more manageable home.

Tingdene Happy Customers Yvonne and Dave (1)

Jan & Dave from Cornwall
Jan and Dave moved into their new Tingdene home in the summer of 2014 and are thrilled with their new home and the lifestyle that goes with it.

Tingdene Happy Customers Jan and Dave (3)

Vic & Christina from Cheshire
Vic and Christina have had many homes over the years and had reached a point in their lives when they felt that a bungalow would suit them perfectly.

Tingdene Happy Customers Vic and Christina (1)

Geoff & Jennifer from Nottinghamshire
Geoff and Jennifer moved into their Tingdene Valetta Lodge in the Summer of 2014 and have a fantastic setting within their chosen park environment.

Tingdene Happy Customers Geoff and Jennifer

Derek & Diane from Shropshire
When Derek and Diane first thought about downsizing, all they knew was that they wanted to be in the countryside. They had bought a caravan on a park about 12 months previously and were really enjoying the experience which in turn inspired them to consider a park home rather than a house in the countryside

Tingdene Happy Customers Derek and Diane (3)

Steve from Warwickshire
Steve settled into his Tingdene Barnwell Park Home in October 2013 and is very impressed with his experience and pleased with the decision he made to move into the park home lifestyle.

Tingdene Happy Customers Steve (2)

Martin & Dawn from Cheshire
After considering the idea for 7 years Martin and Dawn moved into their dream Tingdene park home in July 2013 and are more than happy that they have made the right decision.

Tingdene Happy Customers Martin and Dawn (2)

Brian & Jean from North Wales
Brian and Jean bought their new Tingdene Holiday Lodge largely on impulse and are enjoying every minute that they spend in their superb new holiday home.

Tingdene Happy Customers Brian and Jean (1)

Tony & Pat from Suffolk
In a nutshell, Tony and Pat, simply love their new Tingdene Mulso Lodge and living on Priory Park in Suffolk. Tony said it is simply “top drawer” After having lived in Spain for 13 years, it truly is home from home.

Tingdene Happy Customers Tony and Pat (1)

Tony from Bath
Tony needed accommodation while he built his new family home so the Tingdene Valetta Holiday Lodge that he has purchased is ideal for putting on his own land. Great value, spacious living accommodation that suits his needs exactly.

Tingdene Happy Customers Tony (3)

Mike & Sylvia from Kent
Mike and Sylvia’s brand new Tingdene Regency Classic certainly stirred up local interest when it was sited at the bottom of their daughter’s garden in Kent. Neighbours and friends were aware that they were buying a park home, however didn’t seem to fully appreciate what a park home by today’s standards was like. They were amazed and very impressed with Mike and Sylva’s home.

Tingdene Happy Customers Mike and Sylvia (1)

Tony & Jenny from Worcestershire
Tony and Jenny have a wonderful home in Spain where they had been spending most of their time, until that is, they purchased a Tingdene Regency Classic on Leedons Park in Worcestershire. Since moving into their new park home towards the end of 2012, they have been spending more and more time back in England as they can’t wait to spend time in their new home and lifestyle.

Tingdene Happy Customers Tony and Jenny (2)

Alan & Karen from Staffordshire
Alan and Karen moved onto Sunnybank Park in December 2012 and haven’t looked back. Speaking to them a year later their experience of buying a Tingdene Regency Classic had been good and they were still enthralled by their new home and lifestyle.

Tingdene Happy Customers Alan and Karen (2)

Mike & Carol from Worcestershire
When Mike decided he wanted to take early retirement he also started thinking about moving into a bungalow. Mike and Carol were living in Surrey, complete with a large mortgage, and felt that is was time for a change.

Tingdene Happy Customers Mike and Carol (1)

Stuart & Jean from Yorkshire
Stuart and Jean had owned a static caravan on Lindale Holiday Park for around 7 years and loved having a bolt hole that they could escape to whenever they liked, the perfect place to relax and unwind from their busy lives.

Tingdene Happy Customers Stuart and Jean (1)

David, Jean & Dennis from Kent
David and his parents Jean and Dennis, have a livestock farm of pigs and poultry that they are currently developing and have ample land to build a home on the same site which will be more than beneficial bearing in mind the demands of looking after livestock. In the short term they were looking for a lodge that could be brought in reasonably quickly and easily to provide them with somewhere to live while building their bricks and mortar home.

Tingdene Happy Customers David Jean and Dennis(1)

Ian from Wiltshire
When Ian retired 8 years ago he initially went to live abroad in Thailand where he enjoyed his new lifestyle. However 7 year later he was keen to consider moving back to England and started looking for a property, and duly moved into a two bedroom apartment in Swindon. The apartment didn’t quite suit Ian’s requirements in a property as he ideally wanted something detached, something that provided him with privacy, along with peace and quiet, at the same time a location with good neighbours was also important.

Tingdene Happy Customers Ian (1)