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Ann & Tim from Norfolk

Delivering Ann and Tim’s home caused a stir with the residents in the village. Everyone somehow was involved and came out to see it arrive, taking photos and wanting to come and see the home once it was in position.

One entry into the village didn’t provide a suitable route as the road was too narrow with too many bends, overhanging trees and hedgerow, so the other route into the village was used and escorted by the local police. Ann and Tim informed village residents that the home was coming so that they could keep the route clear. All of which created a great talking point for the locals. It was certainly one way of announcing their new home arriving.

The grounds where their new park home was to sit, previously had a bungalow which they had demolished.  The bungalow would have either required a lot of renovation work, or to rebuild, and although it was a project that they had taken on board some years before, it wasn’t something that they wanted on this occasion.

Ann’s health unfortunately is not as good as it used to be, so the easy option, was a clear favourite.

Tim was a building surveyor and researched options including park homes which was an option that they had looked at in the past.

They came to Tingdene and found everyone so helpful.  The idea of being able to mix and match a bit with the home also had a major appeal. To suit the bungalow plot, they wanted the key rooms to be south facing and set about designing a layout to suit their needs.

Taking a tour of the factory was something they found particularly interesting, taking photos as they went.

In the meantime they sold their existing property, bought the bungalow and applied for the necessary planning permission to demolish the bungalow and have a park home on the land instead. Soon everything was in place to move forward with ordering their home.

Ann and Tim have been married for 12 years and chose this home as their “ home for life”.  It was important to them to have everything just right and they are both thrilled with their home.  Ann was very enthusiastic and loves her new Tingdene park home.

Ann said they one of the reasons for purchasing a park home was in a way to keep control on everything.  For example, once the home was on order, the price was fixed, with no additional costs as can happen if they were building a new home themselves.  They also knew exactly when delivery would be and everything fitted in nicely for them.  The home was ready in early June 2014 and they moved in, in August.

To finish things off, they have fitted decking to the back of the house leading from the lounge.  Also a garage to the front of the house finished off in render to match their park home.

Ann said  “  I would thoroughly recommend Tingdene, I really love my new home.  The quality and build is really good”