Tingdene Happy Customers Barry and Shirley (1)
Tingdene Happy Customers Barry and Shirley (2)

Barry & Shirley from Devon

Barry and Shirley have been married for 35 years, with 2 grown up children and 4 grandchildren, and have lived in Devon for the majority of this time, having moved from the Midlands. Once the children had moved out their 4 bedroom detached property started to feel a bit large and they felt it was time for something smaller.

Living in Barnstable, Barry did a search on the internet for property ideas and came across Shirmart Park, located near Halsinger Village, near Braunton. Park Homes had always impressed them, however in the past he hadn’t really come across a park that had impressed him enough to consider the move.

Meeting Gary, the owner of Shirmart Park, was a turning point.  Barry and Shirley were impressed with Gary and his vision for his development.  Gary drove Barry and Shirley up to Tingdene’s Visitor Centre in Wellingborough so that they could view a range of show homes, see the furniture options and take a guided tour of the factory to understand the build process as this was an important part of their decision making.

Barry and Shirley found their visit very enjoyable and were very impressed with everything they saw, including the factory tour.  They also took the opportunity to start designing up a home to suit them.  They particularly wanted plenty of space in the living room and bedroom.

They were lucky enough to sell their property within around 3 weeks which in turn allowed them to progress with their purchase.

Barry and Shirley moved into their new home and lifestyle in February and are very happy with their decision, they are glad that they made the move.  They are enjoying the park and the peaceful countryside and have some good new neighbours.