Tingdene Happy Customers David and Anne

David & Anne from Gloucestershire

David and Anne are currently living in temporary accommodation on Orchard Park, while waiting for the new Tingdene Hayden Classic to arrive in February.

David and Anne, who have been together for 32 years, wanted to move into a quieter, more peaceful way of life, by downsizing and allowing themselves to then have more time to relax and spend time together.  Anne retired last year and David is currently working part-time.

They originally started looking at bungalows, however were concerned that a housing estate wouldn’t offer them the environment that they were looking for, so focused on options within the area that they wanted to live, and came across Orchard Park.

David and Anne commented “The park was very tastefully done. The materials used with the infrastructure are good and the neighbours are very nice”  “We are looking forward to moving in”

During the process of purchasing their home, they visited Tingdene’s Visitor Centre to design their home and complete a full specification.  They commented “ The Visitor Centre was very good, amazing, well laid out and a good choice of furniture to choose from.”

They are very excited at the prospect of their new home, however waiting patiently for it to arrive.  In the meantime they can look forward to more time for their hobbies which includes time with their family, gardening, holidays and motorsport.