Tingdene Happy Customers David Jean and Dennis(1)
Tingdene Happy Customers David Jean and Dennis(2)

David, Jean & Dennis from Kent

David and his parents Jean and Dennis, have a livestock farm of pigs and poultry that they are currently developing and have ample land to build a home on the same site which will be more than beneficial bearing in mind the demands of looking after livestock. In the short term they were looking for a lodge that could be brought in reasonably quickly and easily to provide them with somewhere to live while building their bricks and mortar home.

They bought the land about 2 years ago and have been developing the farm ever since including creating a superb section where they have installed their brand new Tingdene Dolben Lodge that is to be their home.
It took quite some time to acquire the planning permission for the Lodge as they had to convert the purpose of the land from simply livestock to also include for dwelling accommodation.  However now that they are living in their new home it has all been worthwhile.
Further down the line, maybe in about 3 years, they are keen to build a bricks and mortar home, however they were so pleased with their lodge, it was clear it would be difficult to actually move out.
Jean and Dennis lived in a park home around 20 years ago for a while, and Jean’s sister and friend also lived in a park home as well, so they were not exactly strangers to the option of this type of living accommodation.
They did their homework, as you would expect from anyone looking into buying something so substantial, and visited a few manufacturers including Tingdene.  The Dolben Lodge, log clad, was just right for their needs, after making a few tweaks to the specification.
David said that they were swayed towards the Tingdene model due to the product and design capabilities. They wanted something that would blend into the environment and that they could also then change the use of later on if they wished.  David was impressed with the build quality and also the service provided by the sales person who looked after him.