Tingdene Happy Customers David and Theresa

David & Theresa from Shropshire

Dennis and Theresa enjoyed living in Spain, however as time went by they had become increasing tempted to move back to England. On several visits to England to see family and friends they had looked at the possibility however hadn’t come across anything that had tempted them enough until they made a visit in 2013, 9 years after having moved to Spain.

While travelling to see family they spotted a poster for a Park and Leisure Exhibition being held at Stoneleigh Park and decided to see what the show was all about. As it happened the show had a lot to offer with many luxurious park homes on display. It was at this point that they realised what the park home lifestyle could offer them and felt that park homes ticked all the boxes if they decided to relocate back to England.

While in Shropshire visiting family they came across Hollins Park and following a visit they were totally captivated.  The park had a Tingdene Hayden Show Home for sale which was perfect for their needs and decided to proceed with purchasing the home and move back to England.

Theresa said “ Hollins Park had everything we wanted in a home, including a secure environment with a community spirit that we can get involved with”

Theresa enjoys taking part in the social events on the park including supporting Hazel, Park Manager, with their Open Days.

Dennis and Theresa previously lived in Cornwall and when they retired moved to Spain.  The decision to move back to England was based around concerns that one of them would find themselves on their own at some point in the future, the environment on the park has addressed those concerned with the support of their neighbours and being close to family and friends.