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Derek & Diane from Shropshire

When Derek and Diane first thought about downsizing, all they knew was that they wanted to be in the countryside. They had bought a caravan on a park about 12 months previously and were really enjoying the experience which in turn inspired them to consider a park home rather than a house in the countryside.

They visited Tingdene’s Visitor Centre a couple of times and also looked at their options for a plot on a park and it all started coming together.  A park home in the countryside was their ideal combination and having settled on the right park for them in Shropshire they set about making the changes happen.

As it happens selling their 4 bedroom house was easy as their daughter wanted to buy it, this helped them with decisions regarding their furniture as their daughter and other family members had some of their surplus, leaving them to move into their new Tingdene Hayden with mostly brand new furniture.
Derek and Diane now find themselves with no mortgage and can live their lives more comfortably financially. They are both at present still working, however plan to retire in a few years time.  Being in a countryside location suits them superbly as they are keen walkers and wrapped up in the overall tranquility of the countryside.
Derek and Diane were keen to express their opinion of Tingdene’s Visitor Centre and service.  They said it was “professional” “staff had plenty of time for you, however you were free to wander” Diane said that “the factory tour can very often be viewed as something for the ‘men’, however she found it fascinating, a good insight”
Diane also said “she could not fault the choice of furniture and good kitchen choice”
They are soon to have decking fitted to the front of their home which they can access via the lounge patio doors and it will also run round to the front door. The remainder of their generous plot will be laid to grass and later in the summer they will add some plants.
Neither of them are gardeners, so they were amused that they were going to take this on board, however their new lifestyle means that they are relaxed about everything and simply enjoying life.