Tingdene Happy Customers Ian (1)
Tingdene Happy Customers Ian (2)

Ian from Wiltshire

When Ian retired 8 years ago he initially went to live abroad in Thailand where he enjoyed his new lifestyle. However 7 year later he was keen to consider moving back to England and started looking for a property, and duly moved into a two bedroom apartment in Swindon. The apartment didn’t quite suit Ian’s requirements in a property as he ideally wanted something detached, something that provided him with privacy, along with peace and quiet, at the same time a location with good neighbours was also important.

Ian started looking around at his options until he saw a park home at a show, digging a bit further he realised that this would allow him flexibility in designing the layout and a home that he wanted.  Being a decorator by trade, he had experience and ideas that he could draw on to achieve his ideal home.

Ian wanted to stay in the area, so visited Brook Meadow Park in Swindon, which is an established development of around 65 homes.  Having chosen a new plot in the development phase which provided him with an excellent view, Ian then needed to consider the home itself.
Gary, the park sales representative, brought Ian to visit the Tingdene Visitor Centre and from that Ian’s new home was designed.
Ian chose a Mackworth Lodge, 24ft x 20ft, with a good size lounge, 1 bedroom, generous bathroom, and kitchen designed around Ian’s requirements.  The home is an excellent layout with patio doors leading from the lounge and also the kitchen, providing full glazing to the viewing aspect of the home.
While visiting the Centre, Ian took great pleasure in going on a guided factory tour and commented on the high standards applied.
He also commented that the service was “brilliant” throughout.
Now that Ian is settled into his home, his background in decorating has encouraged him to into decorating his home, something that he was looking forward to doing.
Ian also enjoys keeping fit, and is generally a very active person……once he has finished the decorating of course !!