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Jan & Dave from Cornwall

Jan and Dave moved into their new Tingdene home in the summer of 2014 and are thrilled with their new home and the lifestyle that goes with it.

Jan and Dave have had a full and active life, including owning their own business, children and grandchildren. Although both of them have been married previously they have been themselves married for 33 years.

Prior to moving into their park home, they had been living on a Narrow Boat for 26 years and felt that it was time for a change.  Having looked at the many options available to them, including possibly running a bed and breakfast establishment, the option of a park home had the most appeal.

Having made that decision, the next step was to find the location they wanted and at the time they were quite flexible and looked at Warwickshire, Worcestershire, North Yorkshire and finally Cornwall where they visited Tamar Park. After visiting Tamar Park and seeing the stunning view available to them from one particular available plot, they were sold on the idea!!  Not only that, Darren’s vision for his park and approach gave them the inspiration to take things forward.

They had visited Tingdene’s Visitor Centre around 5 years previously so now that their minds were made up, they re-visited with a fresh focus to design up their new home, putting their own personal touches to the final layout and furnishings.

Jan and Dave said “The Visitor Centre is a fantastic selling aid”  “The Factory Tour was brilliant”   “Laurence was excellent, so patient, we had lots of questions, he never made us feel a nuisance”  “ having lived on a boat for so long it was sometimes difficult to visualize how the park home would be, however Laurence helped us by creating living room space to show us the sizes”

Jan and Dave creating living space to also work with the plot they had chosen with patio doors to the end of the home to not only appreciate the fantastic view, but to also walk directly onto their decking area.

Now that they have settled into their home, they are now free to take one of their many  holidays in France in the knowledge that they had a lovely new home and base to return to, along with new friends that they have made on the park.