Tingdene Happy Customers Jenny and Iain (2)
Tingdene Happy Customers Jenny and Iain (1)
Tingdene Happy Customers Jenny and Iain (3)

Jenny and Iain from Berkshire

Jenny and Iain had been living in their Tingdene Hayden Classic for a full year at the time of visiting them, so plenty of time for them to have settle in and sampled the park home lifestyle to the full.

Good friends of theirs moved onto Warfield Park, Berkshire, which was the inspiration for them to look into it further and they were so impressed and taken by what they saw, that they decided to move onto the park as well.

They didn’t do this immediately, it took them 3 years of considering it before they took things further, and they were also waiting for a plot to become available.

Jenny and Iain visited Tingdene’s Exhibition Centre to discuss the options with regards to design and layout, ultimately they wanted exactly the same as their friends, however purchased a 50’ x 22’3” size home as they wanted something reasonably large. The house that they were moving from was a 4 bedroom detached house with quite a bit of space, so they felt that they wanted a reasonable size home even though they were downsizing to something smaller.

They were more than happy with the choice of furniture and furnishing for their home while making their choices and felt that the design process was very good.

They had settled in the Bracknell area to be near family and friends, although they have moved around the country over the years with their jobs and have had as many as 15 homes previously.  This time they wanted something on one level, either a bungalow or a park home.

Jenny and Iain commented “ We are happy with our home, happy with the service, the speed the home was set up, the attention to detail, garden, and the park provide a good service”

They have made friends on the park and commented that the community spirit on the park is just as they would want with people on hand, yet at the same time privacy as and when they want it.

They have been married for 45 years, have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren and enjoy meeting people and keeping busy.  Both of them are on the local council and still find time for family, reading, TV and socialising.

They chose to purchase a park home, for the lifestyle that it has to offer, and are certainly making the most of their lives.