Tingdene Happy Customers Paul and Pauline
Tingdene Happy Customers Paul and Pauline 3
Tingdene Happy Customers Paul and Pauline 2

Paul & Pauline from Shropshire

Pauline just loves looking at the view from their new home on Hollins Park. Having lived locally for 34 years it shouldn’t really feel new, however she just loves the aspect and the environment of her new park home.

Hollins Park is set within the beautiful countryside of Quatford, Near Bridgnorth, Shropshire, with its stunning local scenery being the ideal setting for this excellent residential park.

Paul and Pauline had been living in a detached property in Bridgnorth for over 34 years of their 40 year marriage, however when Pauline developed health issues, it was clear that they needed to plan for the future.  They felt they needed to find a smaller property and also single storey as the stairs would become a problem in the years to come.
As they started looking into options, their choices came down to either a bungalow or a park home.  Bungalow prices in the area sell at a premium, as you would have expected, that coupled with finding something suitable, made the option a bit restrictive, although it was an option.  However the concept of moving onto a residential park had an appeal for them, and with that the idea of buying a brand new home, that they could design to suit their needs.
They visited quite a few parks in the area, however kept coming back to Hollins Park.  Having put their house on the market, it was also time to visit Tingdene’s Visitor Centre and make decisions about the home itself.
Pauline commented “The Visitor Centre, Simon, and the team, were brilliant.  There was so much choice and everything was explained well.  Everyone was so patient and understanding”  “There was plenty of furnishing choice, good quality and I love the Larder Unit !! “
Pauline and Paul fell in love with the Barnwell, and couldn’t see why they should change anything from the standard specification.  It was just what they wanted.
They finally moved onto Hollins Park during July 2016, and simply love the view, love the community spirit and love their new home. 
Paul is currently still working, although Pauline stopped working around 6 years ago due to her health, however still keeps herself busy including working in the town community.  They have one daughter and a grandson, who enjoys visiting them on the park.
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