Tingdene Happy Customers Tony and Jenny (2)
Tingdene Happy Customers Tony and Jenny (1)

Tony & Jenny from Worcestershire

Tony and Jenny have a wonderful home in Spain where they had been spending most of their time, until that is, they purchased a Tingdene Regency Classic on Leedons Park in Worcestershire. Since moving into their new park home towards the end of 2012, they have been spending more and more time back in England as they can’t wait to spend time in their new home and lifestyle.

Tony and Jenny moved out to Spain a number of years ago, however made regular visits to England to see their family, including Grandchildren.  Having given up their property previously they regularly stayed with family or in hotels, which wasn’t ideal and they were keen to have a base to come home to.
Friends in Spain introduced them to the Park Home option and they spent months and months researching the idea, the homes, and the locations.  They fell in love with the Cotswold area and in particular Leedons Park in Worcestershire, they just then needed to consider the home itself.
After much research, they visited Tingdene’s Visitor Centre and after having viewed The Afleck, their minds were made up.  The Afleck was their inspiration, although not their final home.  Their final home was a Regency Classic, however with key elements from the Afleck built in and a few from the Deene Cottage as well.
Tony and Jenny had a clear vision of what they wanted in their home and set about designing those elements into the specification with Tingdene’s design team.  They also had a lot of furniture and furnishings in Spain that they wanted to bring over for their new park home and had it all shipped over in readiness.
One of the key aspects they like about living on Leedons Park is the community spirit, how friendly the neighbours are and the peaceful environment of the park, along with the security, with barrier gates that are down in the evening for added security.  The leisure centre provides a communal social area with activities and social events bringing them together with their neighbours.
Today, they are still very excited about their new home and take every opportunity to show it off to family and friends.
Tony and Jenny commented “We feel compelled to write with our heartfelt thanks for all your help, support and patience with us throughout the creation of our new home”
Tony and Jenny were so please with their home that they send Tingdene a thank you letter, to read the full letter please click here