Tingdene Happy Customers Tony and Pat (1)
Tingdene Happy Customers Tony and Pat (2)

Tony & Pat from Suffolk

In a nutshell, Tony and Pat, simply love their new Tingdene Mulso Lodge and living on Priory Park in Suffolk. Tony said it is simply “top drawer” After having lived in Spain for 13 years, it truly is home from home.

When the time came to retire, they moved out to Spain, where they enjoyed their life for 13 years. However much as they had enjoyed life in Spain, there was a yearning to return to England which they did in July 2013 and stayed with their daughter while they explored their home options.

While in the doctors waiting room one day he picked up a magazine and spotted information about park homes.  Being a keen golfer, Tony remembered Priory Park, that sits next to a golf course, and decided to find out more.
Having visited the park several times and appreciated the spacious and tranquillity that this lovely park has to offer, their minds were made up.  They secured a plot that has wonderful views and set about looking for a home.
As they looked into it further they began to understand the styles they didn’t want, and when they entered a Tingdene Mulso, it simply felt like home to them, cosy and light, just what they were looking for.  They added a few things to the design of the home, however overall there wasn’t much to change.
When visiting they had been living in their home for around 6 months, they had added all the trimmings they wanted to add including having finished the garden area.  From their dining room they have a fantastic view over the country side.  They commented that even though they had enjoyed living in Spain, their new home on Priory Park is so much better, they have really settled in and loving every minute.
They love the spacious plot that they have and park, the security that it offers which in turn enriches their life.  They enjoy having the freedom to do what they want during their day, whether that be shopping, exercise, popping off in the car to explore somewhere they haven’t visited, family, you name it….they are enjoying it.
Tony and Pat commented that they had received “Excellent service at the Visitor Centre”