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We know that some of the terminologies in the holiday home industry can be confusing to newcomers. For those of you looking to learn more about this lifestyle, we’ve created this short guide to help explain all the buzz words you may come across.


Lodges, like the ones we manufacture, are aesthetically beautiful and filled with extra touches of luxury. Our lodges are built to BS3632:2015 standard, decorated to a high specification and are available in a variety of different sizes.

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Touring Caravan

These are the kind you tend to see towed behind cars on bank holiday weekends. Usually significantly smaller than static holiday homes or lodges. The majority of holiday parks usually have reserved space for touring caravans and camping.

Pitch and Pitch Fees

A pitch is the individual area of the holiday park that each lodge or holiday home will sit on. Pitches are usually constructed on a concrete base but can sometimes be grass. A pitch fee is, therefore, the fee you pay for having your lodge on that particular spot. The frequency and cost of these fees will vary depending on the desirability of the pitch and the park too. Not all pitches benefit from the same things so the cost of each pitch will vary. Some pitches may be lakeside remote spots whereas others may be more densely populated.

Pitch License Agreement

A pitch licence agreement is a binding document that highlights the rules and regulations and sets out the responsibilities of both the site owner and the holiday homeowner. The contents of this document should be read carefully. Your site owner will be responsible for keeping this document up to date and notifying you of any changes.


Payable to the site owner this covers the cost of water and other utilities, these payments may also go towards maintaining other site facilities. Commonly compared to council tax but this pays no relevance with the local authority.


The season is the period of time that the park is open to holidaymakers and holiday homeowners. The duration of the season varies from park to park so be sure to check this. It’s also worth noting that even holiday parks that hold a 12-month license cannot be made your primary address. Should you want to live in the home/lodge you’ll need to find a residential park that holds the appropriate license.

holiday lodge season


Some holiday homeowners may decide to rent out their property to other holidaymakers some of the time, this is referred to as letting. It’s a great source of additional income when you’re not enjoying the lodge yourself. It’s important to check the holiday park’s policy as not all parks allow letting or subletting.

Guaranteed Letting

This is something offered by a handful of bigger park operators. Large parks that have the ability to invest vast amounts in attracting thousands of bookings per season. The park may offer to guarantee you an amount of money based on selected periods of time that you’d be happy to allow them to let the property of your behalf.


The chassis is the metal frame underneath the holiday home or lodge, the chassis bears the weight of the property. You should regularly check the condition of your chassis to ensure many years of trouble-free living.


Strictly speaking, the term ‘connections’ relates to gas, electric, water and television connections that are commissioned by a professional when your holiday home or lodge is sited.


The ‘skirting’ of a home is the exterior fixtures that cover the underneath space of your holiday home or lodge. Commonly used to boost the aesthetics of your property, the skirting also provides practical benefits such as protecting the chassis and the other elements that can be found in the underside of the property.


Decking is the elevated physical fitting that sits to the side, or around your property. It can be constructed out of a number of different materials including wood or UPVC. Decking ultimately increases the size of your holiday home, providing an additional outdoor space for you to use at your own leisure.

holiday lodge decking

BHHPA (British Holiday Home and Holiday Park Association)

This professional organisation represents holiday park owners as well as the park industry as a whole. They are responsible for lobbying governments for matters related to holiday home and holiday parks.

NNC (National Caravan Council)

As representatives of the caravan and holiday park industry, the NCC offers accreditation to park operators with the main focus on delivering great service to customers.

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