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Keith retires after 42 years at Tingdene

By 20, May 2015News

Keith Hibbett had worked for Tingdene for nearly 42 years at the time of retiring late in April 2015

41 years is a long time with any one company and he will have seen many changes during this time.  Tingdene has been in business for 46 years, so Keith has been a key part of the company’s progression over the years.

Keith’s key role in the early days was to work on the roof trusses, which at this time was for single homes.  Later he moved to work on the flooring before moving back to roof work and experienced the changes that took place even within that process, firstly towards felt roof, then later tiles and of course the development along the way to twin units.

Keith also working on the refurbishment onsite roof work for a number of years, a service that the company offered for a number of years.  And finally back to roofing work within the factory environment.

Keith left school when he was 15 and has never been out of work in that time, for a while he worked part time following a health issue, however it would seem that working hard comes naturally for Keith as he retires at 67 years old, a well-earned rest is certainly due to him.

His wife of 42 years, Danuta, retired last year.  They are now looking forward to their retirement, taking time out with their family and hobbies. Keith is keenly tracking his family tree at present and at the moment has it tracked to 1769. He is also a keen gardener which is just as well as he has a large garden to maintain.

Tingdene wish Keith and Danuta, all the very best in their retirement, and thank Keith for his total support and loyalty over the past 42 years.