Space Bands

Since the COVID outbreak early last year, we’ve done everything we can to ensure our business has a comprehensive and sustained response to the situation. We've taken every opportunity available to us to protect our staff, suppliers and customers during this challenging time. With the recent rise in cases and new strains of COVID, our Health & Safety team have been busy researching ways to decrease the risk of infection on site and have discovered an innovative company in the shape of Spacebands.  

In addition to our standard COVID protocols and equipment such as sanitisation stations, extra cleaning rotas, screens and mandatory face masks; we’ve secured these new gadgets for all employees to aid with social distancing.  

SpaceBands x BBC from Tingdene on Vimeo.

The Spaceband is an innovative approach to safety in the workplace and has been launched in our production facility to be worn by the team during their working day. This allows teams to work with their colleagues at a safe distance without worrying if they’re too close to one another. If two people get closer than two meters the Spaceband flashes, vibrates and an audio alarm goes off. This alerts the two individuals that they are in close proximity, enabling them to return to a safer distance and decrease the risk of spread. The Spaceband records this data making it is easier for us to internally track and trace if a person comes in contact with COVID. The Spacebands allow us to deal with COVID outbreaks quickly and effectively, whilst keeping everyone else safe.  

In addition to implementing Spacebands, we have also created a split shift rota for our manufacturing team to decrease the number of people within the area at one time. The production area is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before and after each shift. Our office teams are also working from home in line with Government guidelines. 

As a leading park home and lodge manufacturer, it’s important for us to continue to remain operational and to provide our customers with high quality homes and lodges, whilst ensuring that the health and safety of our team is our top priority at all times.  

Should you have any queries, please contact us on 01933 230 130 or email [email protected] 

Thank you all, stay safe.  


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