Despite the challenges thrown at the world during various lockdowns and restrictions we’ve faced, it’s proven to be a rewarding time for Tingdene. The pandemic has caused a period of change resulting in a higher demand for both park homes and holiday lodges leading to many more sales, as well as increased production and output.

Therefore, to help facilitate the rapid growth we’ve experienced over the last year, we’ve welcomed a lot of new faces to the company. We’ve been lucky enough to grow our team in all areas of the business which includes the office team as well as the manufacturing team.

This is the second in our series of blogs covering our new starters. In this edition we’d like to welcome our factory-based team. Learn a little more about them below…

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Production, quality assurance & operations.

Mark Newell (Warehouse Manager) 

Mark joined the company on a wave of career changes brought about by the Covid pandemic. Aside from managing the warehouse, his responsibilities at Tingdene are to review our inventory procedures to ensure that our production line remains as efficient as possible. Mark’s career was forged in the aviation industry starting in the Royal Air Force, working in refuelling and most recently in a company dealing with military aircraft spares.

As a child Mark was brought up in Italy and speaks fluent Italian, he enjoys trips back home several times a year and of course loves Italian food and wine. Mark’s been happily married for over 30 years and has one daughter. To take his mind off work he enjoys long walks and more than the occasional game on the Playstation.

James Ball (Quality Assurance Manager) 

James was keen to progress his career so when the role at Tingdene became available he saw it as an opportunity to not only work on his ambitions but to also make a difference within the business. In his new role, James is working on reviewing and introducing new processes to continue to improve the quality of our homes and lodges. James’ background is in the timber trade where he started his career by designing engineered products at a local manufacturer. After working his way through the business over the following 10 years he left the company as production manager.

In his spare time, James enjoys shooting and has always been enthusiastic about sports cars.  

We'd like to also welcome Peter T who has also joined the management team as a Production Manager.

Tom Courtney (Head of Manufacturing and Operations) 

Tom decided to join the Tingdene team because he wanted the unique challenge of working within a company that has had a successful history but is also looking towards the future.

Whilst at Tingdene, Tom will lead the manufacturing and operations functions to become the market leader and offer customers best in class products and customer service. Tom began his managerial career as a junior manager in South Wales and made progressions in his job roles ever since. Tom enjoys hiking, reading and Crossfit in his spare time. 

We’d like to also welcome Adrian Robertson who has also joined the production department in his role as Project Production Manager.  

Mark Tollady (External Operations) 

Mark has had a long career in the park home industry, even being a Tingdene employee in the past! He says he was ‘made to feel right at home’ on his return to the company. As the face of the company dealing directly with our customers, Mark’s aim is to provide confidence in the ability for Tingdene to build and maintain a quality park homes.

Mark enjoys keeping fit and spending time with his family. He fixes anything that’s broken such as cars, motorcycles, the house…whatever keeps him busy and out of trouble. 
We’d like to welcome Ross P and Michael C who have also joined the external operations department. 

John Ian Bisland (Warehouse Operative - Aftersales Storeman) 

John heard lots of positive things about Tingdene from his friends and family so jumped at the chance to join the team when the opportunity came up. In his new role John is responsible for making sure our stock is well organised and prepared for our aftersales engineers to collect ahead of doing work on newly sited homes and lodges. John hopes to achieve job satisfaction, contribute to the smooth running of the department and have a sense of being part of a team whilst being at Tingdene.

John enjoys golf, football and cycling in his spare time. 

We'd like to welcome Clive G, Karl H, Darren V and Martin R who have also joined the warehouse operative department.

New Starters in Manufacturing Plant  

John Lappin (Electrician) 

John decided to join our team as Tingdene provided job security. The job is relatively local to him and he considered the hours of work to be excellent. John hopes to possibly achieve a promotion whilst at Tingdene and wants to be in a happy work environment. Johns work history includes a Royal Navy helicopter electrician, mechanical engineer and then 17 years as an engineer building boats. In his spare time, John likes to play golf and enjoys car mechanics as well as home DIY.  

Ashley Kang (Trainee Electrician) 

As a trainee electrician, Ashley wanted the opportunity to learn whilst working and to be rewarded for his hard work and commitment. He aims to become a fully qualified electrician whilst working at Tingdene. Ashley has worked in construction since he was 16 and once had his own business painting and decorating.

In Ashley’s spare time he enjoys sports, going to the gym and going out with friends.

Akin Okojie (Door Fitter) 

With plenty of experience in door fitting and 2nd fixing, Akin decided to join Tingdene because of the friendly team and the favourable work conditions. During his time here, Akin hopes to learn more about woodworking and develop his career.

When he’s not working in the Tingdene manufacturing plant, Akin likes to work on his fitness at the gym, go on bike rides and do a spot of DIY.

We’d like to welcome James B and David B who have also joined the fitting department. 

Emil Malek (Park Home Operative) 

As a park home operative, Emil works in the Tingdene manufacturing plant and works on the construction of our park homes and holiday lodges. He says he enjoys his work and aims to progress his career with further training and development.

Emil’s interests include history and geography. He also like doing a bit of DIY around the house.

We’d like to welcome Alex P, Akil H, Adrian T, Austin S, Ryan W, Ben T, Karl C and Richard C who have also joined the Park Home Operative team.

Steve Smith (Painter and Decorator) 

Steve has come from a maintenance background which included management of teams on a variety of projects. He’s joined the Tingdene team as a painter & decorator and says that the role has offered him ‘something different in terms of environment’ but has enabled him to continue doing the kind of work he enjoys.

He aims to progress in his career at Tingdene, learning a new trade to utilise some of his skills and hopes to one day become a senior member of staff.

In his spare time, Steve is a keen runner and has a men’s mental health organisation. Steve has a diploma in counselling and has training in suicide awareness and mental health training.  

We’d like to welcome Andrew C and Martin A who have joined the wallpapering and cutting in departments. 

Damian Bourne (Painter) 

Damian saw the role at Tingdene as a great job opportunity and aims to be part of a team that makes ‘great looking homes & lodges’. He’s had a varied career working for himself doing maintenance for several years before moving on to  work for a supermarket during covid.

Damian’s hobbies include fishing, playing airsoft and walking his dogs. He also likes to get away from it all with relaxing weekends in Wales.  

Arlindo Nico (Painter and Decorator) 

Arlindo has had a career in construction in his native, Portugal. He says ‘it’s different to working in the UK’ but he’s really enjoying his new role and learning a new way of doing things. Whilst at Tingdene, Arlindo aims to gain more experience and learn new skills to develop his career.

To relax, Arlindo likes to make music at home, play football and watch movies in his spare time.  

Chanel Hillyer (Painter and Decorator) 

Chanel joins Tingdene as a painter and decorator. He’s always been in the construction trade so has plenty of experience within the field; it’s something hes always enjoyed doing. Whilst part of the Tingdene team, Chanel wants to develop his skills and progress further in his career.

Away from Tingdene’s manufacturing plant, Chanel enjoys some down time with his friends and family, walking his dogs and playing guitar.

There’s also been many more new starters in our manufacturing plant including Paulo S, Adrian M, Daniel B, Rodrigo T, Lee D, Curtis H, Rory K, Dion T, Tyrone W, James B, George B, John W, Thomas and Dalton M. We welcome you all and hope you have settled in quickly! We’re happy to welcome our fantastic new starters to the office team and manufacturing plant. We hope you’re all enjoying being part of the Tingdene family and progressing within the company!

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