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Park Focus – Hollins Park, Shropshire

By 18, November 2016Park Focus

From the moment you step onto Hollins Park you can instantly sense this park has all the elements someone is looking for when choosing a park location.

The park offers an established well-kept area to the front of the park leading through to the new phase that has been developing quite quickly due to the demand.

It seems that as fast as the park has laid down new bases they are completed with new Tingdene park homes…… and of course new residents.

Pauline and Paul moved onto the park and into their Tingdene Barnwell in July. Pauline loves the park and the superb views that it has to offer.

Hollins Park is set within beautiful countryside of Bridgnorth, Shropshire, just nestled into Quatford, with superb views around the park.  Pauline and Paul have lived in Bridgnorth for 34 years so are used to the local landscape, however Pauline is still enthralled by the park’s scenic views.

Pauline also loves the community spirit that the park has to offer, as do Gerald and Mary who have been living in their Tingdene Addington for a year now.  Gerald and Mary commented on the community atmosphere and the new friends that they have made already.

The common link between residents is evident in the pride they all take in their homes and gardens.  Gerald and Mary for example have spent their first summer on the park working on their garden and it is a credit to them as it looks stunning.

The unique community atmosphere that the residents enjoy is led by the park management team, Hazel and Vic, who work tirelessly to ensure that the quality, standards, and overall atmospheric aspects of the park are consistently good.

Hazel organises regular Open Days themed as an Afternoon Tea Party with many of the residents getting involved and keen to help.  New visitors to the park are certainly in for a treat when they attend one of these special events and it is certainly clear for them to appreciate what the park lifestyle entails. It is hard to believe that they can be anything less than impressed.

The park has a variety of bases to choose from and also regular Show Homes for sale.  This park is well work exploring to find out if the benefits and location are right for you.

Hollins Park Location  Neighbouring the beautiful National Trust estate of Dudmaston Hall, Hollins Park has direct access to over 400 acres of beautiful forest.  Just a couple of miles to the north is the market town of Bridgnorth, one of the oldest in the UK.

Overlooking the River Severn with views of the Severn Valley Railway where steam trains pass through the gorge, Hollins Park has the countryside right on the doorstep.  So if you want to walk, fish or simply relax and look at the views, this is the ideal location.

Customer Testimonials

Gerald and Mary wanted to slow the pace down and spend more time relaxing and travelling.  They moved onto the park in November 2015, and are thrilled with their decision, loving every moment of their new lifestyle. Read their experience HERE. 

Pauline and Paul moved onto the park in July 2016 into a Tingdene Barnwell and are simply loving the views.  Due to Pauline developing health issues, they wanted a smaller property and simpler lifestyle, however wanted to remain in the Bridgnorth area.  Read their experience HERE

Hazel was looking for somewhere smaller as her detached house, although manageable, had a huge garden that needed quite a lot of maintenance.  Read her experience HERE

Dennis and Theresa enjoyed living in Spain, however as time went by they had become increasing tempted to move back to England.  Read their experience HERE


PARK ADDRESS  –  Hollins Park, Kidderminster Road, Quatford, Bridgnorth, Shropshire  WV15 6QJ

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