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Park Focus – Orchard Park, Twigworth

By 23, December 2015News, Park Focus

WOW, what a difference a year makes !! Just over a year ago, Orchard Park was effectively a building site, with work having begun to redevelop the area into the superb Orchard Park we see today.

Naturally things don’t happen overnight, and much thought, planning, consideration, infrastructure and hard work went into setting the framework for this new residential development of 21 homes.

Today, the infrastructure and landscaping is complete with around 11 homes already on-site and many happy residents thrilled with their choice of park. With only a few plots remaining it is clear that this park will soon be complete.  As with any good park, work spreads, and the park are seeing many potential customers visiting to find out more.

Orchard Park is situated in the village of Twigworth, near to the Cotswolds, between the city of Gloucester and famous towns of Tewkesbury and Cheltenham.  Orchard Park’s location is perfect to enjoy all that the area has to offer and a lovely setting in which to live.

The park owners are keen to provide the right environment for their residents to support the lifestyle that they are looking for and work closely with their customers throughout the process of purchasing a home to ensure that every detail is as they require.

Whether you are ready to move, or simply looking into the prospect, then Orchard Park is worth visiting to find out more for yourself.

If you are looking for a park home that you can move into quickly, then there are currently two show homes available for purchase, a Tingdene Hayden Classic, 36′ x 22′ and also a Tingdene Barnwell, 38′ x 20′.  These homes can be viewed by contacting the park on 01452 730 605.

Orchard Park offers its residents:-

  • An electric-gated community
  • Modern park homes tailored to suit customers design and specification
  • Two double bedrooms
  • Contemporary fitted kitchen with appliances
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Block paved drive with adjacent garden
  • Convenience shop located within the park
  • Bus stop at the park entrance
  • Metered utilities / Mains natural gas

Brian’s Story

One Show Home was a Tingdene Regency Classic, until Brian saw it that is.  As soon as Brian viewed the home, he knew it was for him and wasted no time in securing it….. and moving in.

Brian’s wife sadly passed away over 2 years ago and although he was originally keen to remain in the house that he shared 44 happy years with his wife, the fact remained that a 4 bedroom house was demanding, from the point of view of upkeep, and he started to consider downsizing.

Brian’s brother-in-law suggested park homes to him and he started visiting a few parks and giving the idea some serious consideration.  He was living in Tamworth, Birmingham and originally wanted to remain within the area.  However, things changed after visiting one particular park in the Cotswolds.  He viewed a Tingdene Regency Classic Show Home and it was that home that made his decision for him as it was exactly what he was looking for.  Unfortunately someone else purchased this particular show home so Brian starting searching the internet for a Regency Classic and came across the home on Orchard Park.

With Orchard Park being further away from Tamworth than he originally wanted it was a difficult decision to make, however the Regency Classic was the home he wanted and he hasn’t regretted his decision for one moment.

After only 4 weeks on the park, Brian commented that he felt completely at home and as though he had been on the park for years.  He also commented that he has been very impressed with the support and friendship provided by the Park Manager, Helen.  Brian loves the overall community atmosphere on Orchard Park and is looking forward to making more new friends amongst the ever increasing neighbours.

David and Anne’s Story

David and Anne are currently living in temporary accommodation on Orchard Park, while waiting for the new Tingdene Hayden Classic to arrive in February.

David and Anne, who have been together for 32 years, wanted to move into a quieter, more peaceful way of life, by downsizing and allowing themselves to then have more time to relax and spend time together.  Anne retired last year and David is currently working part-time.

They originally started looking at bungalows, however were concerned that a housing estate wouldn’t offer them the environment that they were looking for, so focused on options within the area that they wanted to live, and came across Orchard Park.

David and Anne commented “The park was very tastefully done. The materials used with the infrastructure are good and the neighbours are very nice”  “We are looking forward to moving in”

During the process of purchasing their home, they visited Tingdene’s Visitor Centre to design their home and complete a full specification.  They commented “ The Visitor Centre was very good, amazing, well laid out and a good choice of furniture to choose from.”

They are very excited at the prospect of their new home, however waiting patiently for it to arrive.  In the meantime they can look forward to more time for their hobbies which includes time with their family, gardening, holidays and motorsport.

For more information on Orchard Park visit or phone 01452 730 605

Park Address –  Orchard Park, Twigworth, Tewkesbury Road, Twigworth, Gloucestershire  GL2 9QS