Park Home vs Holiday Lodge

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The park home and holiday lodge industry has grown significantly in the last decade with more than 250,000 people now estimated to be living in Park Homes. The holiday lodge market is also booming with the constant roll-out of new innovative features and designs with brands trying to distinguish themselves from the competition. But what are the key differences between Park Homes and Holiday Lodges?

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Park Homes

Commonly referred to as Residential Park Homes, these homes offer a peaceful and tranquil retirement location for those aged around 55 years old, these age restrictions may vary. Purchasing one of these homes is a relatively simple process if you are given all the information you require and have taken all factors into consideration. 

Park homes tend to have a particular exterior style, we are seeing more modern park homes rendered with a stucco finish, they are designed by manufacturers to provide the same comforts and aesthetics as a regular bricks and mortar home, with many retirees looking to downsize and release some equity from their property. Many manufacturers now allow you to configure the furnishings of your park home to give you that personal touch. These homes are manufactured to the British Standard BS3632, this stipulates that the home has to reach a minimum standard for safe and comfortable dwelling all year round. 

However, this is where things get a little more complicated. Some, but not all park home sites will hold a registered residential license these are distributed by local councils. This means that the park home site can be registered as a person's permanent living address meaning full-year occupancy. Additionally, the park's residents are protected with the security of tenure established by the Mobile Homes Act. 

Some park home sites only offer a 10, 11 or even 12 month agreements but do not hold a residential license. This means your park home couldn't be your permanent address which would result in you having to vacate the park home for the interim. You also would not be able to enroll with the local authorities.

Not all park home sites make this explicitly clear so ensure you properly check that the site holds a residential license for your desired duration.

Holiday Lodges

Holiday Lodges have grown significantly in popularity with both investors and holiday-makers alike. Consistent innovations from the industry means that the look of holiday lodges are forever changing and becoming a more and more attractive product. Lodges, like park homes, can be a huge variation of sizes and layouts, providing a smaller getaway location for couples or a larger forest retreat for a large family. Our models benefit from contemporary furnishings with open plan layouts to increase the sociability of the lodge.

Our lodges are available in BS3632 or higher UK Building Regulations, the same as our residential park homes. Lodges can be purchased for both park siting or private land siting. Lodges are commonly sited onto 'Leisure Parks' or 'Holiday Parks' that hold leisure licences, these parks are more accessible for families etc. Some holiday parks (with a leisure license) may offer a 12 month license but the legalities of this license means the lodge cannot be a primary address and will award the property second home status. This does not necessarily mean the lodge cannot be visited all year round.

Additionally, these parks may include the option to leisure in a caravan, these unlike lodges and park homes, adhere to EN1647 European Standard, this stipulates that they are suitable for temporary or seasonal holiday usage only, perfect for locations that hold a leisure license.

These products are not always purchased for personal use, so if you're an investor looking to rent out a property or avid holiday-maker looking to purchase a holiday home this would be the ideal property for you.


In Summary...

Both types of property (if manufactured by us) can boast spacious designs, remarkable craftsmanship and luxury furniture but the choice ultimately depends on the use of the property, for what reasons are you looking to make this significant investment. Remember to always conduct your own research to ensure you make the most informed decision. 

If you need any further advice or information about park homes or holiday lodges don't hesitate to get in touch.


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