Part Exchange Scheme

The simple way to sell your home

The Part Exchange Scheme allows for a third party to make an offer on your property which then allows you to purchase a Tingdene residential park home within a matter of weeks from an offer. It is quick, without fuss and a guaranteed sale without a chain. Tingdene are able to offer you this service working in partnership with an independent company.
There are many benefits, for more information please read below.

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How it works

  • You provide details of your property
  • A representative from the Part Exchange Company will then make contact to take this forward direct with you
  • Valuations are obtained from local estate agents
  • An offer to purchase your home based on the average valuation, subject to survey is made
  • If you accept the offer, arrangements for a survey to be carried out are made. If you decline the offer, no further action is taken
  • Once the survey report has been received, a confirmation of offer will be made in writing
  • Your property is now sold and solicitors are instructed to proceed in accordance with the timescale required
  • Monies are paid to you on completion

The benefits of part exchange scheme are…

  • Certainty- as cash buyers, the scheme offers you the peace of mind of a guaranteed sale
  • Flexibility – Most types of residential properties can be considered whether they have a higher or lower value than the home you are buying.
  • Security- With the security of a guaranteed sale on your existing property it means you can avoid the risk of losing the home you want to buy
  • No Chain- part exchange removes the risk of lengthy delays and fall-through that are often encountered with chains.
  • Speed – Once offer for your property has been made you can proceed to meet deadlines
  • No Obligation- there is no charge to make an offer on your property and there is no obligation for you to accept any offer that is made
  • No Estate Agents Fees- by taking advantage of the property purchase scheme you can avoid paying Estate Agents fees
  • Flexible Moving Date- If necessary it can be arranged for you to stay in your property for a period of time after completion, helping to reduce the stress of moving home and allowing you flexibility when arranging your removals.