Consumer modular FAQs

Consumer modular FAQs

Finding your perfect park home FAQs

What is a modular building?

Modular construction is a term used to describe a building manufactured off-site in a controlled environment. It is then brought to site in sections known as ‘modules’ and is assembled.

How are modular buildings constructed?

A modular building is constructed in a manufacturing facility and transported in sections to the site and assembled.

What is the purpose of a modular building?

You can use a modular building to suit almost any use within the residential or commercial sector. Modular construction can be used for accommodation, educational or healthcare purposes, offices, retail shops and much more. Have a look at our recent portfolio to discover your design potential.

What is the lifespan of a modular building?

The lifespan of a modular building is similar to a traditional property. A modular building can last for 80 years or more provided it is well maintained and cared for.

Are modular buildings sustainable?

Modular buildings are manufactured in a controlled environment which means that less material goes to waste and significantly less energy is used. Modular buildings also have the flexibility to be re-purposed and re-used making them more flexible, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Can I live in a modular build year-round?

This depends entirely on the kind of build that is specified. All of our residential modular buildings are expertly crafted to exceed British residential standards and are energy-efficient so they can be lived in year-round.

How big is a modular building?

All modular buildings vary in size; you can build a modular building as small or as large as you wish. Modular buildings can be placed side-by-side or stacked-up. Our beautiful modular home ‘The Loft’ is available in a variety of layouts in our standard size 42’ x 15’, but this size can be adjusted to suit you. You can also have a look at our portfolio to discover your potential design options.

Are modular buildings only built for temporary purposes?

Modular buildings can be used temporarily and re-purposed but that doesn’t mean they have to be. You can site a modular building for permanent use, such as for your primary residence, business premises or facility.

Own land FAQs

What are the benefits of putting a home/lodge/build on your own land?

Putting a lodge on your own land gives you the freedom to choose the style and finish of the exterior. On parks a park operator may want to restrict the finish of the home so their development looks uniform. Your only restrictions may be what local planning authorities may impose. 

What will I need to consider when preparing my site for my own land?

The most important factor when thinking of putting a home on your own land is site access. Remember a lorry with your home needs to be able to get as close to the location as possible and then an all-wheel drive vehicle moves it into its final position. Other vehicles will need to get to site, such as the concrete lorry to pour the base, excavators for service trenches etc. Tingdene's developer consultancy service will be able to guide you through the process in further detail. To make an appointment with a member of the team get in touch ......

Do I need planning permission?

Although park homes/holiday lodges are able to be moved they are still bound by planning laws. Each local authority will have their requirements as well as the need to follow the government's national planning policy framework. If you need help or advise with discussing planning you can usually apply for pre application advice from the local authority. Tingdene have offered development services for over 20 years and can help you with this process.

How does my home/lodge/build get on my land?

At Tingdene we're the professionals when it comes to getting your home on to your property. When pricing your home we can offer to manage the delivery & installation process and take this stress away from you.

I think I've got access issues and I'm concerned about how the home/lodge/build will get to my location. What can Tingdene do?

Prior to you placing an order we can arrange for a site survey to be conducted; we will review the route the home will get to your land and advise if anything special needs to be considered such as trees, narrow roads etc.

Arranging finances

Can I take a mortgage out to buy a modular home?

Modular homes require outright payment at the point of purchase. However, don’t let that put you off! We would recommend speaking to a financial provider to discover your other options.

How can I finance a modular building?

There are various options you can use to finance a modular building. You can purchase a modular building by selling a current property or part-exchanging. You can also use a chunk of your savings. If none of these are suitable for you then we would recommend speaking to a financial advisor to help explore loan options.

What finance options are available to me?

Most residential park home owners have chosen to downsize, release equity and change their lifestyle to match other like-minded individuals. Because of this equity release park home owners tend to be cash purchasers.

In order to release the equity in your existing home you will need to sell this first. You can go down the traditional route of selling via an estate agent although there are providers which will purchase your house to allow you to move on quicker and provide certainty in your life that your move will go ahead with less troubles than a traditional sale with multiple sales in the chain.

We would always recommend you seek expert financial advice before embarking on the journey to see if there is a product on the marketplace that suits your requirements fully.

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How much should I expect to pay for a modular building?

The price of a modular building can vary drastically according to its size, layout and interior features. Speak to a member of our sales team to discuss a range of design options and prices.

Customising your home/lodge/build

How do I hang items on my walls?

Light ornaments and pictures can be hung using lightweight tacks and hooks. However it's best to use a cavity or rawl plug for greater security. If you're planning on fitting something heavier to the wall then you'll need to fix this to a timber wall stud inside the cavity. The studs are located every 400mm or 600mm but it's best to use a stud finder if you're uncertain.

Be aware that electrical cables run inside the wall cavities to power sockets and light switches on either side of the wall so use a cable detector so you don't accidentally screw into a cable. If you're uncertain at any point we would recommend you seek the assistance of a qualified electrician who will be able to help.

I'd like to redecorate, will this affect my warranty?

It's great to keep things looking fresh and although redecorating won't affect your 10 year warranty you'll need to make sure you don't alter the structure of the home. If you're unsure on what you can and can't do just speak to our customer care team and we'll talk you through it all.


Can I be flexible with my design?

Modular buildings can feature flexible design layouts and bespoke design options to suit you.

Can I install additional power sockets in my home/lodge/build?

Once we've built your home we're unable to make any modifications, you are able to make your own amendments to your building but you'll need to make sure that you follow the guidelines in the homeowner information booklet and seek approval from the warranty provider before commencing works. Remember, any electrician you contract must be suitable qualified and either registered with ELECSA or NICEIC.

Can I extend a modular building?

A modular building can usually be extended and re-purposed.

Building in Britain

What building standards do modular buildings meet?

Modular buildings are constructed by our team of quality craftsmen and meet British building regulations. Some of our projects have also been LABC approved, to help assure you they’ve been constructed to the highest quality.

How long will it take to construct my modular building?

A modular building takes between 30-50% less time to build than a bricks and mortar property. It’s also constructed in a controlled environment which means that there are less risks of delays such as bad weather. This can help your business see a faster return on your investment!

Making your move

How are modular buildings delivered?

​​​​​​Modular buildings are directly transported to the site in sections on a lorry. Once they are on site they are placed on the foundations and fully installed.

What happens during the siting process of a modular building?

The majority of the work will be complete before arriving to site. During siting your build will be lifted onto the plot foundations, assembled and secured in place. Your build will also be connected up to mains supplies, such as gas, electricity, water and sewerage. Additional features will also be completed, such as external decking and stairs. Once your build arrives on site it can take as little as a week before you are ready to move in.

What must I do once I move in to my home/lodge/build?

After opening that first bottle of fizz to celebrate your new lifestyle it's really important that you complete the warranty registration form and get it back to us. This ensures we can register your 10 year structural warranty, and the boiler and appliance warranties with the providers of the service.

It's important you follow our timeline strictly as this lays out what needs to be done and when. 

Enjoying your home/lodge/build

What warranty does my roof have?

Your home's roof is covered by our 10 year structural warranty. You'll need to have this inspected annually to maintain cover so make sure you book your Annual Inspection service which includes this. This service costs £195 inc VAT. You should receive a letter nearer your first year anniversary detailing this additional service we can offer, however if you have any queries, please do contact us on 01933 230107 or email [email protected]


Am I able to move my modular build?

You can move a modular building; there are some factors you’ll need to consider such as the cost and ease of re-siting it. You can also consider selling your modular building and purchasing in a new location.

How do I look after my home/lodge/build?

Our products are low maintenance, but there are certain things you must do each year to maintain your warranty. The Annual Inspection service we provide is the perfect way to ensure that your warranty is maintained and upheld. You will receive further details regarding this service nearer your first year anniversary of occupying your new home but if you would like to discuss this further, please call us on 01933 230107


Do you offer maintenance services to comply with my warranty?

To maintain the validity of your warranty you need to inspect your home and complete various maintenance tasks every year. You also need to document the work which was completed and keep this on record in the unfortunate event of you needing to make a claim.

To take the headache out of all of this we offer an Annual Inspection service which will leave you with peace of mind that everything has been done correctly; after all, we know your home better than anyone else.

For £195 inc VAT we will inspect and rectify any exterior cracks, re-seal around your doors and windows, clear your gutters of any debris, clear your vents of any debris, check your roof tiles, check your loft space for any signs of damp, inspect and tighten your axle stands and check your chassis for any rust which will be cleaned/repainted if required. We'll also point out anything else to you that we feel could be a problem whilst we're at your property. 

In addition to this service we also offer a colourwash service to stucco finished homes at 24 months from occupancy, this will ensure the outside of your home looks fresh and removes the visibility of any build-up of dirt or debris that may have gathered on your home. However, we're only able to offer this service if you have previously employed us to complete a 12 month Annual Inspection on your home. If you are interested in this service call our customer care department on 01933 230107 or email [email protected]

How do I maintain my guttering?

Looking after your guttering is vital for ensuring water is diverted away from the home in a controlled way. It's best to go around the outside of the home periodically and remove any dead leaves or debris that is starting to build up. You can also clean your guttering with a cloth and soapy water, don't use any harsh chemicals as these may discolour the plastic or metalwork.

We can remove any debris from the gutters as part of our Annual Inspection service which will be offered to you nearer your first year anniversary of occupying the home. For more information, please call 01933 230107 or email [email protected]

I've got a laminate or solid wooden floor, what do I need to do to keep it maintained?

Laminated and solid wooden floors look great and really compliment the design of your home, however it's important to look after them so they don't become damaged over time. Make sure you wipe up any spillages straight away so they don't warp the floor. To prevent scratches to you flooring when furniture is being moved, make sure that you've stuck felt pads to chair feet

How do I look after my appliances?

Make sure you always follow manufacturer guidelines when cleaning/maintaining your appliances. The appliance manuals are placed within a ring binder folder which will be left within the home. If you’re unsure about what cleaning products to use we recommend checking with the manufacturer. 

My floor squeaks/makes noises when I walk on it is this normal?

Your floor is made from timber so during periods of hot and cold weather it will expand and contract as it gradually changes shape and can make more noise than normal. If you're within your first five days of occupying your home then you can highlight this on your first snagging list and we will inspect. If you're outside this period and still have concerns, we can inspect this as part of your Annual Inspection if you book this additional service through our Customer Care department. A letter will be sent nearer your first year anniversary of occupying the home, but if you have any queries, please do contact us on 01933 230107 or email [email protected]


How much maintenance does a modular build require?

Modular buildings require low maintenance and can be easier to maintain than a bricks and mortar property.

What do I do if something is missing/damaged after my warranty has expired?

In the unlikely situation you find something wrong with your home/lodge - missing items and damaged items are covered under warranty for 15 days from despatch. Unfortunately, if anything missing or damaged is reported outside of this timescale, we will not be able to repair or replace this.  However, we may be able to help provide you with our supplier’s contact details and you could re-purchase this from them directly. Alternatively, you may wish to contact a local trades person to repair this for you. 

I’ve got a broken/damaged item included in the home/lodge furnishings, what should I do?

If reported to our Customer Care team within 15 days from despatch this will be covered under the warranty provided with the home.

If after this time, please contact our customer care team who will try to provide you with supplier’s details and any names/ product codes so that you can purchase a replacement directly. This will depend on what the item is and whether our supplier is open to trade with the public. Please note that depending on availability of the item, we may not always be able to find a matching replacement for you to purchase.


Where is my water stopcock?

You'll usually have two ways of turning off the water to your property. The first one will be inside your home, this is usually under the kitchen sink, the second will be outside your property, you'll need to speak to your park manager if you need to find this one.

My radiators don't seem to be warm enough is there a problem with my boiler?

Not necessarily, just take a look at the settings of your radiators and your boiler, hopefully you'll be able to fix this yourself. The radiator TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves) may be set low, or the overall temperature of the boiler may be low as well. If no heat is being produced it might be that your boiler is set to hot water mode only so it will need to be changed to heating & hot water mode.

When your home was installed your park manager would have contracted a gas safe registered heating engineer to commission your system. If the steps above don't work then it's best to speak to your park owner who will arrange for your system to be inspected by the qualified engineer.

I've got a water leak, what can I do?

Firstly find your stopcock and turn the water off - this is normally located under the kitchen sink. Then find the location of the leak and then speak to us with as much information as possible If this is out of hours you can contact us on [email protected]. If we do not have an engineer in the area at that time, we may appoint a local engineer attend to investigate and rectify this matter.

Does my boiler need servicing?

Your boiler will come with its own warranty from the manufacturer. To maintain this you'll need to get it serviced in line with the guidelines in its warranty book. It's important that only a gas safe registered heating engineer services your boiler so make sure you find a company who is on the gas safe register.

My power has gone out how do I get it back on again?

If the power has gone out in your home then its worth checking whether it is just your property or your neighbours that are affected also. If it's just yours then it's likely that something has caused your electrics to trip out for your safety. To get your power back on you'll need to open up your consumer unit and flick the switch that has tripped. Your consumer unit is usually found in your wardrobe area or hallway. If the power goes back out or the switch doesn't stay on then it's likely something that is plugged in to the mains is causing a fault on the circuit.

I've got an appointment with an engineer what time will they arrive?

Our engineers are based at our site in Wellingborough so we're unable to give an exact time on when they will arrive with you. If you call our Customer Care department on 01933 230136, they will be able to give you an estimated time of arrival or arrange for the engineer to call you en-route.

What's a "snag"?

A snag is an industry term for a problem, fault or defect with your home. We have strict quality guidelines to ensure that your home is built to the highest possible standard. Unfortunately, sometimes there are issues that we need to sort for you. These are usually minor like a scratched door or chipped paintwork on the skirting board. 

When you move into your home you'll need to inspect it and report any issues to us within five days of occupancy. Anything not reported after this time may not qualify for rectification.

To help you with completing your snag list we've created a template that you can download, complete and email to us, you can download this form here. Please then email this to our Customer Care team at [email protected] who will process this into a job sheet for our engineers, and schedule a convenient appointment for them to attend and rectify these matters. 

How do I submit my warranty snagging list?

We're sorry that you've got issues with your home. So that we can investigate and rectify them you'll need to submit your list in writing to us. You can email them to [email protected] or send them via the post to:

Customer care
Tingdene Homes Ltd
45-49 Bradfield Road
Finedon Road Industrial Estate

Please make sure that you include your home serial number on your snagging list so we can see your specification on our system. 

if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to call Customer Care on 01933 230136