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Topping Out – at Tingdene

By 2, May 2017News

Tingdene’s Topping Out ceremony was an exciting landmark in their £3million production facility expansion marking a key stage of the work.

The completion of the highest point of construction was a moment eagerly anticipated by the whole project team.

The expansion has been progressing as planned and following the Topping Out, will soon see the walls completed to the structure shown, promptly followed by the next stage of breaking through into the existing building.

Being constructed to the side of the main factory will be maintenance, offline production and stores facilities. On the opposite side of the building the creation of new office facilities in the former warehouse area is well underway.

Once complete the main production area will be opened up to house two production lines in place of the current one, allowing for increased efficiency for the future.

Jamie Wilkins, Facilities Manager for Tingdene Homes commented,  “We have been planning this expansion and upgrade works for a few years and it is great to see our vision now coming to fruition.  It has taken quite some organisation to undertake the works without it affecting our production output and we certainly wouldn’t have achieved it without the support of our dedicated production and maintenance teams.  As each month progresses new parts of the site are being handed over to ourselves from the contractors and new equipment and machinery is being ordered, delivered and installed.  It’s a busy time at the moment for us, but it will be worth it when it is all finished and we end up with one of the most modern and efficient production lines in the industry.”